Rexroth Repair Technicians & Engineers

When your Indramat machinery stops working, we believe you should have a knowledgable and trusted source for repair.

At Litco, our team has the necessary background to service and repair your Indramat controls, drives, motors, power supplies and affected machinery.


Rexroth Error Codes unknown or confusing? We can help determine what they mean.

We provide trouble shooting of problems, service and repair on the newest Bosch Rexroth and legacy Indramat products.

Thorough Process

When we fulfill repair requests, we look into what working parts need repair, replace, cleaning, and testing. This assures effective measures are taken to provide redelivery to get your business functioning again.

Rebuild Damaged or Destroyed

Litco provides extra benefit to customers by rebuilding many parts within Rexroth products that have been damaged or destroyed in use.

Servo Motor Repair.

Call Litco to Request Repair

Our technicians are available during regular business hours to offer our service, but we also understand there might be an emergency. We make our technicians available 24 x 7 if you call.

For assistance, please call 210-680-9570, fill in the contact form, or email