Support Technicians

Legacy Indramat ® & New Bosch Rexroth ®

We offer support for legacy and new Indramat items. As standards and automation have evolved, we have kept up with the industrial changes for troubleshooting and repairing existing products when possible.


Our Engineers and Support Technicians can offer help to install, update and troubleshoot Indramat products.

This includes the various Indramat Controls, Indramat Power Supplies, Indramat Motors, Indramat Drives, Indramat Boards, and Indramat Accessory Cards.

Call Responsiveness

Litco provides call support, paying attention to reliability, and your business needs.

Testing & Repair Time

We look forward to reducing your machine down time, working quickly and efficiently to keep your systems running smoothly.

For assistance, please call 210-680-9570, fill in the contact form, or email